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R Languages Training

Course Name : R Languages                                                                    
Duration         : 35 hours
Faculty            : Realtime experience

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Course Content:

Introduction and Overview of R Languages

1. Data Objects

A- Data types

- Double
- Integer
- Complex
- Logical
- Character
- Factor
- Dates and Times
- Missing data and Infinite values

B- Data structures

- Matrices
- Arrays
- Data frames
- Time-series objects
- List
- The str function

2. Importing data

A- Text files
B- Excel files
C- Databases
D- The Foreign package

3. Data Manipulation

A- Vector subscripts
B- Matrix subscripts
C- Manipulating Data frames
D- Attributes
E- Character manipulation
F- Creating factors from continuous data

4. Writing functions

A- Introduction
B- Arguments and variables
C- Control flow
D- Debugging your R functions

5. Efficient calculations

A- Vectorized computations
B- The apply and outer functions
C- Using Compiled code

6. Graphics

A- More plot functions
B- Modifying a graph
C- Trellis Graphics
D- The ggplot2 package

7. Statistics

A- Basic statistical functions
B- Regression models
C- Linear regression models
D- Logistic regression
E- Tree models
F- Survival analysis
G- Non linear regression

8. Object Oriented Programming

9. R Language objects

10. Calling R from SAS

11. Defaults and preferences in R, Starting R

12. Creating an R package

13. Calling R from Java

14. Creating fancy output and reports