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SAP Enterprice Portal Training

Course Name : SAP Enterprice Portal                                                           24*7 Technical Support
Duration         : 35 hours
Faculty            : Realtime experience

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Course Content:


• SAP Portal Fundamentals
• SAP Web AS Fundamental
• SAP Web AS ABAP Administration:
• SAP Web AS Java Administration
• SAP NetWeaver Portal Fundamentals
• SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration
• Configuration of Knowledge Management and Collaboration
• Implementation
• Portal Components
• Portal Services and Web Services
• Single Sign On
• CTS+
• DBA Cockpit configuration for portals
• Portal support pack upgrades


• SAP Portal Fundamentals:
• SAP Fundamentals and Navigation
• SAP NetWeaver Overview
• SAP ECC and my SAP Business Suits Overview
• Systems Landscape
• Application Architecture
• SAP Backend Technologies
• SAP Web AS Fundamentals

SAP Solution Offering

• Navigation
• SAP System Architecture
• Enterprise Services Architecture
• SAP NetWeaver, Overview

SAP Web AS ABAP Administration:

• Starting and Stopping SAP systems
• Configuring SAP Web AS ABAP
• User Management in SAP Web AS ABAP
• Configuring Remote Connections
• Patching SAP Web AS ABAP
• Scheduling Background Jobs
• Monitoring SAP Systems
• Technology Components for Browser-based User Interfaces

SAP Web AS Java Administration:

• Java Basics (non-programming topics)
• Starting and Stopping SAP Web AS Java
• Configuring SAP Web AS Java
• User Management in SAP Web AS Java
• Patching SAP Web AS Java
• Software Logistics for SAP Web AS Java
• Monitoring SAP Web AS Java

SAP NetWeaver Portal Fundamentals:

• The Big Picture
• The End-User's Perspective
• Technical Infrastructure
• Portal Platform Content
• Security Aspects

SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration:

• User Administration and Authentication
• Portal Authorization Concept
• Single Sign-On to Backend Systems
• Integrating SAP Applications
• Solution Management
• Secure System Management
• Design Modifications and Branding
• Advanced Portal Scenarios


• Installation
• Sizing
• Implementation and Methodology

Portal Components:

• Personalization
• Internationalization

Portal Services and Web Services:

• Portal Services
• Web Services