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SalesForce Training

Course Name : Salesforce                                                                    
Duration         : 35 hours
Faculty            : Realtime experience

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SALESFORCE Course Content:


Cloud computing

What is the cloud computing?
Types of services
Types of cloud computings Introduction

1. What is
2. Why
3. Different editions in
4. How to sign up for Developer Edition

What is the application in Salesforce

a. Types of apps
b. how to set image to app

Types of Objects

1.1. Standard Objects
1.2. Custom Objects

Types of Fields

2.1. Standard Fields
2.2. Custom Fields

Lead convert
Types of Relationships
Different types of tabs

a. Custom Object Tab
b. Web Tab
c. Visualforce Tab

Field Dependency
Formula fields
Validation Rules
Page Layout
Record Types
Action buttons, links
Search Layouts

a. Search Results
b. Lookup Dialogs
c. Lookup Phone Dialogs
d. Accounts Tab
e. Accounts List View
f. Search Filter Fields

User creation
Organization Wide Default
Role Hierarchy
Sharing Rules
Permission Sets
manual sharing
Import wizard
Apex dataloader
Different types of Email templates

a. Text
b. HTML (using Letterhead)
c. Custom (without using Letterhead)
d. Visualforce

Workflow rules

1. Email Alert
2. Task
3. Field Update
4. Outbound Message

Approval process
Report Types
Reports and Dashboards
Field Accessibility
Grant Login Access
Session Settings
Field History Tracking in Salesforce
View setup audit trail
Password Policies
Public Groups
Assignment Rules
Auto Response Rule
Email to Case
Schema Builder
Renaming Tab Names and Labels
Merge tool
Data Management

Analytic Snapshots
Import Accounts/Contacts
Import Leads
Import Solutions
Import Custom Objects
Data Export
Storage Usage
Mass Transfer Records
Mass Delete Records
Mass Transfer Approval Requests
Mass Update Addresses
Data Loader
Sand Box


Basics of development
What is the Apex class
Oops concept
Access modifiers in apex
Data types supported by apex
Anonymous block
Dml operations
Salesforce id’s
MVC pattern
Naming in apex
Sample apex class
How to execute apex class
Key words in apex(static, method override,final,abstract, virtual)
Triggers(at least 3 hrs)
Order of execution of trigger
Batch apex
Schedule apex
Understanding Execution Governors and Limits
Test class
Introduction to visualforce page
How to create vf pages
Vf architected
Sample vf pages
Standard controller example
Static resource
How to show data in table format
Java script example
Custom controller
Action poller
Action function
Action support
Action status
Wrapper classes
How to combined different fields in a single table
How to create picklist in vfpages
Dynamic apex